David Brems House

Architect David Brems couldn’t have picked a less promising site for his future home. The lone unsold parcel in a Salt Lake City subdivision, its temperamental terrain plummeted 150 feet from roadside to ravine, daunted every buyer who dared consider it. Every buyer, that is, except David. “I’m always tempted by a challenge,” admits the… Read more »

Olympic Oval

A speed skater makes a dramatic aesthetic statement sweeping through a turn—an image that inspired the design team as it created the sweeping cable suspension system for the Utah Olympic Oval. As with athletes, an athletic facility must make more than a visual statement, and the design team focused all elements of this facility on… Read more »

Natural History Museum of Utah

Integrated into the foothill slopes of the Wasatch Mountain Range, the building steps up the hill and cuts into it to mimic natural forms. Its material palette recalls Utah’s rich geological and mineralogical history; on teh exterior, a variegated pattern of copper panels extends from the volume at angles that reference the surrounding mountainous landscape… Read more »