Roof is up!

Seth said it the other day: it is starting to feel like fall.  We are wanting to stay warm in our beds a little longer each morning, folks are clothed in beanies and sweatshirts at morning meetings this week, and I saw my breath yesterday… but, I was told that maybe its because I’m full of hot air!

Regardless, the change is welcome and noticed, especially as this session comes to a close and we meet our goals.  Yesterday, for example, we reached a huge goal: we finished installing the SIP roof!  The roof consists of 12 roof panels, 6 of which are 16 ft long and 6 that are just over 20 ft long; and, they are something else to manuever!  It took most everyone at site to help lift and push them up to the roof team, who then pulled them and nudged them into place, glued, nailed and fastened them down.  Shawn, our roof team lead, did a fantastic job.Last Roof Panel

The group helping to get the final roof panel up, Harvey, too!

Connection to Blue Mountain

The house with the roof in place, looks out towards the north and Blue Mountain.

Harvey at Entry

Harvey gazes out through the rough opening of the front door.  The house now has a more tangible sense of enclosure with the roof installed.

Through the rest of the week, we will continue to install the interior walls, dig and pour the patio footers, wrap the building in ice and water shield, install aluminum flashing over the remainder of the blue board, and fabricate the aluminum brows for the windows.

Window Brow Construction

Patty, Megan G. and Dana work on the aluminum eyebrows.

Interior Wall Construction

The interior walls continue to go up.  Here, the framing for the wall between the bathroom and the nook is being installed.

Sunset in Bluff

And, not to forget the place we are living and working in, here is a view looking back at Bluff and our campus from the rock outcropping to the north of Twin Rocks; as the sun sets and fall is in the air.

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