Revitalizing South Provo

DAILY HERALD – SOUTH PROVO IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO major economic revitalization with The Boyer Co.’s Southgate Center, a new 59-acre mixed-use project anchored by Target Corp.

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Centerville: Main street plan requires public transit

DAVIS CO. CLIPPER – Without public transportation, the city’s plans for the future of Main Street will likely never come to pass. That was the consensus the Centerville City Council reached at their meeting last week during discussions about implementing certain aspects of the recently completed Main Street Master Plan. As a result of this, the council approved the sending of a letter to UTA and UDOT stating that a fixed rail transit system, rather than a full two-track light rail system, would work well along a specific stretch along the city’s Main Street.

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Save Downtown (Editorial)

THE SPECTRUM – The city of St. George has backed itself in a corner with the Town Square development that forced some businesses to close their doors after lengthy construction and increased rental contracts. Now the city is considering limiting the types of activities that will be allowed downtown, further sabotaging its opportunity for revitalization through diverse public participation.

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Clearfield project to be county’s tallest

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – Dirt flew Tuesday at the official groundbreaking for Clearfield’s eight-story Midtown Village at Legend Hills.
    Once constructed, the mixed-use lifestyle center – atop two underground parking levels – will stand as the tallest building in Davis County.

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Salt Lake Tabernacle Renovation Wins AIA Utah Award

UTAH HERITAGE FOUNDATION – The Salt Lake Tabernacle, with its sister building the Temple on Temple Square, represent Utah more than any other piece of our geography. It is fitting that readers of the Salt Lake Tribune and non-Utahn judges from the American Institute of Architects honored the Tabernacle with its Second Annual People’s Choice Award. The following news stories and videos document the award, renovation, and history.

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Salt Lake City Is Finding A Payoff in Conservation

NEW YORK TIMES – Residents of this city and its suburbs, with a combined 1.2 million people, have come to view the ties between economic development and environmental conservation in a new way. They are scrubbing the air and water, building energy-efficient homes and offices closer together, constructing regional rapid transit systems, limiting new highway construction and conserving open spaces and natural resources.

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Hillside building boom sparks safety rules debate

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – Developers scrambling to stake their claims for Draper’s million-dollar views are flocking to the city’s steep hilltops. But some City Council members, worried about growing concerns over landslides, are running to the books to rewrite the rules.

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Developer dreams up Aspen, Utah

AspenSALT LAKE TRIBUNE – East of the Heber Valley, the wooded hillsides of Daniels Canyon could become Utah’s newest getaway for the rich and famous.

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