Students envision future of SLC

THE DAILY UTAH CHRONICLE – Traces of broken glass and soot remind Salt Lake City of the four-alarm fire that swallowed the dance club DV8 on Jan. 23. This week, the empty lot served as a fitting place for architecture students to present their visions of time and consumerism in Salt Lake City through artistic installations, U professor Mimi Locher said.

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Dream homes?: Law limiting lawsuits would be a nightmare

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE EDITORIAL – Buying a new home can be a dream come true. Or it can be a nightmare.
    Shoddy construction, defective materials and negligence on the part of contractors, developers, engineers and architects can turn the biggest purchase of a person’s life into the biggest fiasco.

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Lehi Planning Commission defines “no build zone”

DAILY HERALD – Although the Country French Estates in Highland is now being built as a one acre per lot subdivision it was originally started as an open space project. As such the developers set aside a no build zone along between the subdivision and the Bull River subdivision on the south. However, what can or cannot be built there was never defined. The Highland Planning Commission came up with a definition on Feb. 26.

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Competition opens for Utah Design Showcase

DAILY HERALD – The Utah Arts Council announces a call for entries from Utah designers of all media for the DesignArts Utah ’08 Exhibition, the premier talent showcase for the entirety of Utah’s design community. Juried and curated by Jennifer Morla of Morla Design and Design Within Reach, this exhibition will run from June 20 through August 2, 2008 at the Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. The deadline for design submissions is April 30, 2008.

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UVSC library is changing the rules

DESERET MORNING NEWS – OREM — Shhhh … here’s a little secret: Gone are the days of dark, damp, musty libraries that are silent as a tomb.Instead, imagine a high-tech building full of light and warmth, full of special rooms for students to meet in or to just lounge in an overstuffed chair and read. And don’t forget a small coffee shop and cafe.

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Winter weather claims historic building

DAILY HERALD – MT. PLEASANT– Mother Nature can be a wonderful asset to the Sanpete County, but her bounty of moisture was more than the Wasatch Block building could handle as evidenced by the partial collapse of the southeast corner of the building which occurred Friday, Feb. 22, at approximately 2 p.m. Immediately the Mt. Pleasant Police Department and the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Department responded and cordoned off the area with caution tape for the protection of the community.

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Crews prepare to move building

KSL – Downtown construction crews have launched preparations for a very bold move, one of the biggest of its kind ever tried in this country. They’re planning to move a very large building and give it a little spin while they’re at it.

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The Suburban Utopia Myth

UTAHSTORIES.COM – The City” (1939) was a film sponsored by the The Regional Planning Association of America just as the United States was emerging from The Great Depression. The film if from an era when the United States Government saw the power of tapping into cinematic propaganda to fulfill an agenda. The Natzis had used propaganda films to rally public support. Leni Reifenstein “Triumph of the Will” made Hitler appear like a God. Mussolini had done the same always pointing at what the Government could offer to improve their lives.

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