Despite the wind advisory…

We make progress on the roof, interior walls and aluminum brows.

Thursday saw the completion of a few exciting things as bluffers donned ski goggles and bandannas to protect against the sand and wind gusts.

IMG_1356 Atsushi, Lacy and Patrick work on getting the ice and water shield up on the roof.


Framing the last of the interior walls



Using the break to fabricate the scored and cut aluminum brows



The aluminum brows are finished! Complete with slope for drainage and drip edges.



A corner study model for a brow that runs over a window mullion in the nook.


Even inside the house: This is what happens to your drawings when there is a wind storm.


Getting a little delirious at the end of the day.


Last but not least…a black widow we found living under some cardboard in the house. Eek.



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