Corroon picks consultant for $100,000 study on the feasibility of solar power on buildings

DESERET MORNING NEWS – Money might not grow on trees, but Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon is looking to see if tapping into free energy from the sun might have a similar result.
   Corroon has chosen GSBS Architects to conduct a six-month feasibility study on how much money Salt Lake County would save by installing solar panels on key county buildings, the mayor announced Thursday. The study will also examine how much it would cost to convert the buildings to a solar energy system and how long it would take to start seeing a potential payback on the investment.

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3 Responses to “Corroon picks consultant for $100,000 study on the feasibility of solar power on buildings”

  1. Deep Patel

    Solar energy is going to be a grassroots local movement. Local governments are pushing forward to make solar a reality for America. If the entire Salt Lake County is going to go solar all at once, the costs would be very high although overall they would break even very fast, but it all depends on many factors. It would be great to see a follow up story on this to see what happened with the solar feasibility study.

  2. rich

    I am curious about its feasibility in a large scale application as well. A follow-up article would be really interesting.

  3. pdean

    Based on the media attention this story and the energy bill legislation being presented in the Utah Legislature is getting, we will probably hear a lot more about this. I will keep my eyes open for follow-up stories and post them.


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