Pixar UP House in Utah

So how is a homebuilder in this Salt Lake City suburb getting away with selling a near-identical copy of the floating house in the Disney-Pixar film “Up”? READ STORY

uhf road trip to cedar city

The Utah Heritage Foundation is sponsoring a road trip to Cedar City that may interest you. It is happening this Saturday, June 25th and will be visiting some of the great buildings in Iron County. Here is a link with more information. The itinerary is here and you can register here.

lds architecture

For any who may be interested, I am also working on a project of compiling great LDS architecture, as well as working on a history of LDS meetinghouses. Some of this will apply to Salt Lake buildings, which is why I am posting this here. My belief is that the greatest architectural legacy of the… Read more »

empty lot adjacent to capitol theatre

There is a great deal to learn from this exposed side elevation of the Capitol Theatre. I count three distinct building profiles that have been directly adjacent to the Capitol Theatre during the history of the building. There may even be more that I’m missing here, but can you spot all three? Does anyone know… Read more »

capitol theatre alley

Alley adjacent to Capitol Theatre. It’s remarkable how many windows were originally in this side facade, and equally remarkable how many of them have been filled in.Taken 23 Oct 2010

provo tabernacle

Drawing of Provo Tabernacle in Salt Lake Tribune 18 Apr 1898 Often called the Utah Stake Tabernacle, or the New Provo Tabernacle, this building was first contemplated on the day of dedication for the Old Provo Tabernacle in 1867. (Nineteenth-Century Mormon Architecture & City Planning, page 71) “Brigham Young…commented that the original tabernacle should have… Read more »

utah ice and storage

I had no idea this building was up for demolition until reading today that it was demolished three days ago. The Utah Heritage Foundation had good coverage of the demolition. I’m so glad I was able to take some pictures of the building back in July. As I sat at the TRAX station waiting to… Read more »

saint olaf catholic church

Orchard Drive & 1800 SouthBountiful, UtahArchitect – Brotherton & GilliesDedicated – July 29, 1980 “For nearly 100 years after the area was first settled by the Mormon pioneers, there were no Catholic churches between Salt Lake City and Ogden. The few Catholics in South Davis County attended Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in… Read more »

eagle emporium

The Eagle Emporium building at 102 South Main Street has quite a complicated little history. And with that history comes a plethora of contradictory information to go along with it. So in an attempt to sort through it all, I have listed as good a summary as I could muster on this building, with supporting… Read more »