Roof is up!

Seth said it the other day: it is starting to feel like fall.  We are wanting to stay warm in our beds a little longer each morning, folks are clothed in beanies and sweatshirts at morning meetings this week, and I saw my breath yesterday… but, I was told that maybe its because I’m full… Read more »

Despite the wind advisory…

We make progress on the roof, interior walls and aluminum brows. Thursday saw the completion of a few exciting things as bluffers donned ski goggles and bandannas to protect against the sand and wind gusts.  Atsushi, Lacy and Patrick work on getting the ice and water shield up on the roof. Framing the last of… Read more »

and on to session 3

It’s definitely fall here in Bluff, and we’re all back for more fun in Session 3. Some of the goals for the session include: rough plumbing, pulling electrical wire and installing boxes, pouring entry slab and patio piers, grinding the shower and bathroom floor, and installing furring and gutter on the south wall. We also… Read more »

'The Architecture of Surveillance'

'The Architecture of Surveillance'. Screen-shot-2013-06-11-at-12.03.45- With the NSA leaks making headlines, Architizer takes a look at the architecture of surveillance, noting that "these buildings do all they can to stay unremarkable; so while they …See all stories on this topic »


This week the kitchen team is busy installing the plumbing wall and shelves so that we can get our plumbing in! Because of the SIP construction we chose to build a secondary plumbing wall directly next to the West wall in the kitchen. The shelves in the kitchen are built in to the plumbing wall… Read more »

Material Run to Cortez, CO

          ‘Twas a rainy day for a material run to Cortez.  Almost as exhausting as a day of working on site, the many stops necessary definitely proved to take just as long.   Our first stop was Belt Salvage to sell some scraps from our yard.  We happily got enough cash… Read more »

Mormon History Association honors Utah professor

Bradley-Evans, a professor in the College of Architecture and Planning who teaches history and theory classes, has written about communal religious groups such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Branch Davidians and the …See all stories on this topic »

half way into the semester……..Getting into the Details

We are now in session three and in full throttle. Rick has arrived last night for his second visit to Bluff this semester. He is ready to give us his expertise to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Roof, cladding, patio, entry, doors, interior finishes are a number of many teams working… Read more »

long week of tough work…

  With the help of Rick and his dad, great work was accomplished at the end of the week. The frame of the entry is up and ready for cladding, electrical wiring is 100% done. The team worked with Rick on patio details and even though the patio did not go up as planned, we… Read more »

a hint of things to come

  The patio door, wood stove ready for the heat shield, and some drywall ready to cover the rest of the wall.   Here are a few more things that are in the works: The aluminum shading devices ready for the wood rain/shade screen. The mag(netic) drill punching holes in the beam for the patio… Read more »