Provo City Library (2000) MJSA

Brigham Yound Academy was listed on National Trust for Historic Preservation’s ten most-endangered buildings list for three years, when the Brigham Young Academy Foundation commissioned us to study the feasibility of restoring some or all of the buildings, and the possibility of creating within the complex a new home for the Provo City Library. At the completion of this phase, it was concluded that the principal building on the block could be restored and adapted to become the centerpiece of a new library, portions of which would be in a new structure to the east. The entire block was to become the Provo City Library at Academy Square. The cost of the building restoration and the new library seemed to be in a range that was possible with some significant private con- tributions. What is now called “the miracle at Academy Square” is the beautiful building originally designed by Don Carlos Young and built in 1891 as the “front door” to a new state-of-the-art city library. The supporting struc- ture, except for exterior walls, was deteriorated beyond repair. Following complete documentation, the exterior masonry walls were carefully supported and the internal structure was removed. The masonry walls were rein- forced from the inside with concrete. A new steel struc- ture, designed to resist seismic loads, was installed with suspended concrete floor slabs and a new roof structure. The rooftop elements were recreated, and metal roofing shingles produced by the manufacturer of the original shingles were installed. The exterior masonry was restored using replacement bricks salvaged from other buildings on the square.

550 N. University Avenue Provo 84601

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