Michigan Residence (2007) Prescott Muir

This new house is located in an inner city neighborhood of predominantly existing brick, prairie style bungalows. The house cantilevers over the existing foundation that was kept from the original house on the site. The composition comprises three adjoining pavilions that differentiate the bedroom zone, living room and utilitarian areas of the house. The roof is inflected to provide day lighting for every room as well as opening to a view of the natural landscape to the north. The roof cantilevers to provide a deep eave on the south, thus accommodating passive solar gain in the winter and shade in the summer while also reflecting the prevalent pattern of deep recessed porches of the other houses in the neighborhood. The masonry, as it cantilevers to the west dematerializes into custom glass brick to reflect its non load-bearing condition. The landscape is comprised of drought resistant plants and a green roof that is currently being installed. The house was pre-wired for photo-voltaic cells.

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