Cube House (1975) John Sugden

Thirty years after returning to Utah, Sugden designed his own home on a hillside at the summit of Parley’s Canyon. Sugden’s wife, artist and graphic designer Jutta Alwang Sugden, continues to live in the home. The ground floor of the three-story live-work studio incorporates a covered carport, entrance, and a library and archive of creative work. A 45-degree open-desk steel stair tower leads up to the living-dining room and kitchen. The sleek black-and-white space has a theatrical quality and sets a dramatic tone lightened by the large-scale, colorful Sugden painting that forms one wall. Here the visible structure and cross-bracing details can be appreciated up close.

The upper floor houses the live-work space, with sleeping and bathing quarters and a working design studio. The black concrete floors are softened with a grid of white sport court floor tiles, an innovative application of a material typically used as an underlayment. Floating walls and a digitally-designed panel created by Jutta free the ceiling from obstruction, allowing light to spill over walls and establish zones for working and living. The space is flooded with natural light from expansive glazing and a central overhead skylight and has an entirely different feeling from that of the proportionally equal floor below.

Sugden enjoyed visiting the site when his house was under construction, watching the structure go up. Just after the steel was erected and before the windows went in, Jutta photographed him sitting in a director’s chair on the just-poured concrete floor within the structure he so carefully brought into being. Sugden’s plans for a home on an adjacent lot sit awaiting an appreciative buyer to realize the project.

145 Maple Dr Park City, UT 84098

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