A-Gallery (2004) ajc architects

An existing two-story building was remodeled to create a new fine art gallery; a A 3,475 SF addition became a framing shop. This 30 year old building had a long history within its rural neighborhood. Original features were to be preserved and incorporated into the new design in order to maintain the connection between old and new. Spaces that created an appropriate setting in which to appreciate art, as well as comfortable gathering spaces to accommodate receptions for gallery openings were needed.

The character of the existing building was preserved and reflected in the new construction providing for a harmonious whole. The distinction between old and new is readily apparent, however they blend together so as to look like they were born of the same invention. A preserved exterior trellis and shade canopy structure now help identify the building’s entrance while enclosing the new sculpture garden and courtyard area. A new balcony connects the second story addition to the existing portion of the upper level.

The existing portion of the upper floor was remodeled to provide a new conference room, private offices, and personal space for the owners. An existing stairwell was preserved but modified and now leads down from the balcony to the exterior sculpture garden courtyard. The garden area is also a key component for exhibit-opening receptions. Existing skylights were maintained to provide indirect natural daylighting for the gallery areas, and skylights were included in the new gallery addition as well. Soft natural daylighting was provided in the work production areas with a series of high placed windows.

In keeping with a design that provides simple and clean backdrops for the display of art, the gallery interiors are basic and uncluttered. Color schemes are neutral. Galleries spaces in the existing portion of the building will maintain masonry walls, while the galleries in the new addition will feature exposed integrally colored concrete masonry units. Thus, the interior design continues the theme of the harmonious blending of old and new.

1321 South 2100 East Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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