Becker, councilman spar over land use

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – Add Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s name to the list of people who wishes November’s attempted coup against Councilman Soren Simonsen had succeeded. As the clock ticked toward 11 p.m. Tuesday, after a crammed council chamber had cleared, an irritated Becker confronted Simonsen behind the dais, where the two men continued an animated exchange — with voices and fingers raised — for nearly half an hour.

The uncharacteristic feud, pitting a pair of professional planners, boiled over after Simonsen twice broadsided the Becker brain trust about how two proposals — downtown’s $125 million police headquarters and the west side’s $40 million sports complex — violate master plans.

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(The Salt Lake Tribune)

(The Salt Lake Tribune)

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