Rich Moore

Mormon History Association honors Utah professor

Bradley-Evans, a professor in the College of Architecture and Planning who teaches history and theory classes, has written about communal religious groups such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Branch Davidians and the …See all stories on this topic »

Building Utah – Utah Business

Architect: ajc architects. Estimated Completion: December 2013. Estimated Cost: $7.6 million. Utah Data Center Camp Williams − This project involves design …

North Summit Elementary hosts: Faces of Mali

The North Summit Elementary School is hosting “Faces of Mali,” a Utah Arts & Museums Traveling Exhibition featuring photographs of village life in western Africa. Faces of Mali will be exhibited at the school, 240 S. Beacon Drive, Coalville through May … See all stories on this topic »

The Space Between

“Some [designs] incorporate social media into their plans to make them interesting, some integrate living walls and vegetation,” says Heather Wilson, event organizer and executive director of the Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Architects … See all stories on this topic » Salt Lake City Weekly

Meanwhile, in Bluff…

Front Porch Meeting Agenda: update construction documents, plan the final party, decide what to have for lunch.

Punch List

We have three days left and there is still a mile long “punch list” filled with all of the final details that need attention. Everyone seems to be working on something different, and every time you turn around there is something new in the house that makes it look that much more like a home…. Read more »

Session 4: The Final Stretch

As we return for our last session, we become aware of the power of the landscape. The Bluff campus is covered in a blanket of green and the flowering trees signal the official end of winter. For us, this means we are in our final stage of  the building process. This week we have burned,… Read more »

March 29: Masonry Heater Complete

On the last day of our third session, the progress we’ve made on the project is really apparent and really exciting. The siding is complete on the south walls, the interior walls have the first applications of sheetrock and tape, the shower liner is installed, the dryer duct has been installed, and the chimney is… Read more »

March 27: Siding and the Masonry Heater

As the construction of the masonry heater quickly progresses on the interior, the siding is going up on the exterior. Installation on the south wall is complete while teams have begun to figure out new conditions on the east wall and soffit connection. Our client visited the site this week and she is equally, if… Read more »