Rich Moore

Garden City lifts building moratorium

THE HERALD JOURNAL – Last week, the Garden City Town Council approved its new General Plan, three building ordinances, and lifted the rest of the moratorium that limited new development in recent months. After months of heated debate and discussion on the issues, Thursday’s meeting was short and quiet. Read Story

Don’t deface Spiral Jetty’s ‘canvas’

DESERET MORNING NEWS EDITORIAL – As with many Utah poets, actors and painters, the reputation of artist Robert Smithson and his “earthwork” Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake is better known outside of Utah. Constructed in 1970, the 1,500 foot coil of rocks draws visitors from the international art world. Read Story

Skybridge is Causing a Divide

UTAHSTORIES.COM – The City City Creek Center is touted as the means to revitalize Main Street in Salt Lake City. However, there are many critics of the assertion that a skybridge is a ” critical to the success of the project. ” Read Story (image courtesy of

Planning commissions should represent the entire community

TOOELE TRANSCRIPT EDITORIAL – News that the Grantsville Planning Commission, which is dominated by members connected to the development and building industries, is now to be headed by a real estate broker is cause for alarm. Planning commissions are charged with shaping the future growth of a town in accordance with its master plan and… Read more »

Oil Drilling Threatens Smithson’s Spiral Jetty

By Tony Illia ARCHITECTURAL RECORD – A proposal to drill for oil in Utah’s Great Salt Lake could threaten artist Robert Smithson’s monumental 1970 earthwork “Spiral Jetty.” The Canadian firm Pearl Montana Exploration and Production holds three leases, dating to 2003, to drill exploratory boreholes near the iconic sculpture. A public comment period ends tomorrow… Read more »

Will Pleasant Grove rezone hurt downtown?

DESERET MORNING NEWS – PLEASANT GROVE — A home that Brigham Young once slept in, a 19th-century drugstore and an old carriage house can all be found in Pleasant Grove.The city harbors numerous historic homes and businesses downtown, and residents are worried that action by the Planning Commission and City Council will get rid of… Read more »

A toast to historic S.L. Victorian

DESERET MORNING NEWS – A toast is appropriate, Genevieve Atwood says, hoisting an imaginary glass and serving up a slogan from her family history.”Sparkle brewed to the altitude — Fisher Beer. Let’s drink to Ralph Becker,” she said. Read Story

Artspace– no longer for artists?

UTAHSTORIES.COM – Artspace began as a group of studios established in abandoned warehouses, for artists, beautified by artists. The success of the idea built up a corporate non-profit empire. Now Artspace is abandoning their original property. Have they lost touch with their mission? Read Story (courtesy of