Rich Moore

Soccer complex scores nod from City Council

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – Running away from nature lovers but into the hearts of soccer moms, the City Council ended a simmering debate over a $40 million sports complex along the Jordan River on Tuesday with a surprisingly unanimous nod. Honoring the 2003 bond vote, it turns out, trumped lingering environmental questions. Still, a… Read more »

Becker, councilman spar over land use

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – Add Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s name to the list of people who wishes November’s attempted coup against Councilman Soren Simonsen had succeeded. As the clock ticked toward 11 p.m. Tuesday, after a crammed council chamber had cleared, an irritated Becker confronted Simonsen behind the dais, where the two… Read more »

Nebo School District Notice to Architects

THE DAILY HERALD – NOTICE TO ARCHITECTS Nebo School District (the “District”) is accepting proposals from qualified firms to perform architectural services for the following projects: Performing Arts Additions/Remodels Read entire notice.

Buyer hopes to fill vacant condo project

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – 5th and 5th » Neighbors eager to welcome new residents. The condominiums at 524 S. 500 East in Salt Lake City have nearly everything: two stories with high ceilings, washers and dryers and covered underground parking. Only one thing is missing: residents. That should change in the next few months,… Read more »

Convention center’s financing, plans moving forward

THE DAILY HERALD – Provo – The Utah County Convention Center is coming soon. Really. To the average person who has yet to see much change to downtown Provo, specifically the block between Center Street and 100 North and 200 West and 300 West, that may seem doubtful, but planners say the behind-the-scenes work is… Read more »

Avenues monster house gets split up

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – When is a monster house no longer a monster house? When it gets cut into pieces. For about five years, a 16,000-square-foot structure has been — for many — the blight of H Street between 13th and 14th Avenue. In 2005, Scott White combined two lots on the east side… Read more »

prudential federal savings and loan

“Therefore it is not a question of whether we are to build or not build, for build we must, it is our character. It is a question of how, not whether to build. Apart from all other considerations, we are told the most social of all nature’s creations and we indulge this proclivity through the… Read more »

gustavson residence

“In designing this crisply rhythmic house for his own family – a traditionally daunting chore – architect Gustavson states: ‘Designing a residence for my family was an exciting challenge. I wanted a residence that had privacy and yet an openness to the view and the interior landscaping of the site. The property, coupled with the… Read more »

harlan residence

Composite drawing showing site plan, floor plan, exterior elevations, and building section (GA Houses, March 1994, n. 41, p. 122) Designed in 1993 for client Willard Harlan, this Salt Lake City residence was designed by architect Taeg Nishimoto, with Leonard Camposano and Wendi Shafran as assistants. The home was subsequently published in the prestigious GA… Read more »