a hint of things to come

IMG_20131021_170313_576 copy


The patio door, wood stove ready for the heat shield, and some drywall ready to cover the rest of the wall.


Here are a few more things that are in the works:

IMG_2514 copy

The aluminum shading devices ready for the wood rain/shade screen.IMG_2535 copy

The mag(netic) drill punching holes in the beam for the patio roof.IMG_2542 copy

A beginning of a patio.IMG_2543 copy

Some tests for the shower drain (bringing the aluminum inside)IMG_2551 copy

Some samples for the plaster to be put up on the North exterior wall on the patio.IMG_20131012_153241_027 copy

A good start to the metal roofing and the protruding wood box on the nook window.IMG_20131021_162639_180 copy

The start of a really nice window detail in the living room.IMG_20131021_163716_320 copyFancy switches ready for drywall finishes.

We have a lot of things that are coming down to final details. Many different projects with many different schedules. Look forward to many more photos of finished interiors and exteriors. Good work! to all the team leads who are making this house beautiful and complete!


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